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Event: Eurochocolate | 18 to 27 of October 2024

Eurochocolate: 30 Years on Everyone’s Lips!

The sweet edition of the Thirtieth Anniversary will take place from October 18 to 27, 2024.

The year 2024 promises to be intense for Eurochocolate. The International Chocolate Festival, born in Perugia in 1994, will celebrate its Thirtieth Anniversary.

For 30 years, Eurochocolate has been literally on everyone’s lips, not only due to its enduring popularity but also for its irresistible invitation to savor the beloved Food of the Gods in all its variations.

In the official image of the Eurochocolate 2024 campaign, curated by Art Director Riccardo Boasso, a mouth composed of dozens of delicious and colorful chocolates of the same shape takes center stage.

The Thirtieth Anniversary edition is set to leave everyone amazed from October 18 to 27.

Dates, claims, and products were presented with an original press conference at the Sonora Club in Perugia, a venue opened in 2022 by four young entrepreneurs, where music, setups, shows, and atmosphere blend in the spirit of innovation.

Here, to the notes of Ivano Fossati’s ‘Il bacio sulla bocca,’ two dancers unveiled four exclusive mouth-shaped sofas. The performative action is signed by choreographer Afshin Varjavandi with his INC | innprogress collective, the Umbrian collective on stage, for the occasion, with Giorgia Aluigi and Chiara Morelli.

At the end, the distribution of delicious mouth-shaped chocolates, the result of collaboration with Alice Cianuri, present at the press conference along with the Chocolatiers of Costruttori di Dolcezze, Tommaso Bodo, and Giuseppe Sasso.

As already anticipated, the final decision regarding the event’s venue will be made following the necessary consultation with local institutions and will also take into account new scenarios that may arise in the coming autumn, including the possible opening of new permanent themed destinations in the Historic Center of Perugia.

The dates for the spring edition of Eurochocolate are also confirmed: from March 15 to 24, 2024.

- 2024-10-27
Piazza IV Novembre, 06100 Perugia PG, Italy