Know of any places serving brunch in Perugia on New Year’s Day?

places serving brunch in Perugia on New Year's Day

If you’re hoping to kick off the New Year with a fantastic brunch in Perugia, you’re in for a treat. Our city has some spots that keep the brunch vibes going even on the 1st of January.

1. Caffè Morlacchi – Classic Vibes:

For a classic Italian breakfast, swing by Caffè Morlacchi. This spot, right in the heart of Perugia, serves up fresh coffee, delicious pastries, and, also, a mix of savory options. So, it’s a local fave, and the cozy atmosphere makes it a perfect spot to start the New Year.

2. Pasticceria Sandri – Timeless Charm:

Moreover, step into the timeless charm of Pasticceria Sandri for a brunch that blends tradition with sophistication. Known for their exquisite pastries and artisanal treats, this place gives you an elegant setting to enjoy a laid-back meal as you welcome the start of the year.

So, keep in mind, it’s a good move to double-check with these spots as the date gets closer for their holiday hours and any special dishes they might be whipping up for New Year’s Day. While Perugia might not have the biggest brunch scene, these local gems promise a tasty and memorable beginning to your year. Buon appetito and Happy New Year! Besides, we think you may find it interesting to see the latest on the special events at Perugia’s Christmas market.