Recommended specific stores for men’s clothing in Perugia?

specific stores for men's clothing in Perugia
  1. Sisley (located on Via Mazzini) – This store offers hard-wearing tops and bottoms for men. It can be a great option for those looking for durable and stylish men’s clothing.
  2. Smooth Kicks (near Via delle Rupe) – This store provides a large collection of sneakers and other fashionable shoes. It’s a good choice for men interested in trendy and eye-catching footwear.
  3. Coni Sport (located under the big arches toward Piazza Morlacchi) – This store offers sneakers and “big name” sports brands like Adidas, catering to those seeking sports gear and athletic wear.
  4. AC Perugia soccer clothing – For Perugia soccer merchandise, “Calcio Mania” at Centro Commerciale Gherlinda (Via Pierluigi Nervi, 5, 06073 Corciano) is recommended. It’s accessible by taking the G1 bus from Piazza Italia.
  5. Donati (located in Piazza Matteotti) – This historic men’s clothing store in the center of Perugia offers a refined space with a range of classic and informal clothing options, combining tradition with modernity. The store also provides tailored garments through internal tailoring.

These stores offer a variety of options for men’s clothing in Perugia, catering to different preferences and styles. Also, discover which street serves as the primary shopping hub in Perugia.