Where are the best shopping districts in Perugia?

the best shopping districts in Perugia

Perugia is a paradise for those seeking unique shopping experiences that support local businesses and artisans. The city boasts several distinct shopping districts that offer a blend of modern boutiques and traditional craftsmanship, allowing you to explore a range of offerings while contributing to the local economy.

One of the standout areas is the historic center, a labyrinth of charming streets that house a plethora of boutiques and workshops. Venture into “Bottega Artigiana,” a hidden gem where artisans create exquisite leather goods right before your eyes. This district is also home to “Ceramica Giusti,” a family-owned ceramic shop that has been creating intricate pottery for generations. Supporting these local establishments not only grants you access to one-of-a-kind products but also helps preserve the city’s rich artisanal heritage.

For those with an affinity for fashion, Corso Vannucci is the beating heart of Perugia’s modern shopping scene. Amidst renowned Italian brands, you’ll discover “Moda Locale,” a boutique that exclusively features designs from local fashion designers. Their collections reflect the city’s spirit, ensuring your purchase holds a piece of Perugia’s identity.

In your quest to support local businesses, don’t miss the vibrant markets that dot the cityscape. “Mercato delle Erbe” brims with organic produce, while “Mercato Coperto” tantalizes your taste buds with cheeses, charcuterie, and fresh ingredients. The “Artigianato Vivo” festival, held in Piazza IV Novembre, transforms the square into a bustling showcase of craftsmanship, where you can directly engage with artisans and purchase their creations.