Where to stay in Perugia’s historic center?

Perugia Historic Center

For an enriched stay that immerses you in the heart of the city’s history and charm, consider accommodations nestled within Perugia’s historic center. These options not only offer convenience but also provide a front-row seat to the city’s cultural treasures. Here are some noteworthy choices that allow you to embrace the essence of Perugia:

Hotel Perugia Plaza: Positioned in the heart of the historic center, Hotel Perugia Plaza offers a comfortable stay within easy reach of the city’s landmarks. With its proximity to attractions, shops, and eateries, this hotel provides an ideal base for exploring the city’s vibrant history.

Hotel Priori: Located near Palazzo dei Priori, Hotel Priori provides a central stay that allows you to step out and be enveloped by the city’s medieval ambiance. This hotel offers a convenient starting point for discovering Perugia’s historic streets, art galleries, and cultural sites.

Hotel Fortuna: Situated just a short walk from Corso Vannucci, Hotel Fortuna offers a stay that immerses you in the lively energy of the historic center. The proximity to Perugia’s iconic sights and the bustling main street ensures that you’re in the midst of the city’s cultural heartbeat.

Etruscan Chocohotel: This unique hotel celebrates Perugia’s love for chocolate while offering a central stay in the historic center. From the hotel, you can explore the city’s charming alleys, historic squares, and indulge in its rich culinary offerings.

Albergo Ristorante Umbria: With a location near the Cathedral, Albergo Ristorante Umbria places you right in the heart of the historic center. This hotel allows you to experience the city’s cultural tapestry firsthand, from architectural marvels to local boutiques.

Staying in Perugia’s historic center allows you to wake up to the echoes of history, stroll through cobblestone streets, and uncover the treasures that define the city’s identity. Whether you’re seeking art, culture, or simply the joy of getting lost in narrow alleyways, these accommodations ensure that you’re at the heart of it all.