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Event: Reiki nel benessere

Due to popular demand, the organizers are pleased to announce the fourth ReiKi exchange day, which offers limited spots for participants.

This event invites individuals to join them at Le Cappuccinelle Suites & Spa in Perugia, in collaboration with the esteemed Reiki School Valfabbrica. It promises a day brimming with the healing energy of ReiKi and an opportunity for self-discovery.

Participants can expect to unlock the profound potential of ReiKi, embarking on a transformative journey towards inner peace and overall well-being. Regardless of one’s level of experience in energy healing, this event promises a unique platform to connect with like-minded individuals, learn, and share ReiKi experiences.

Set against the backdrop of the serene Le Cappuccinelle Suites & Spa, renowned for its tranquility and rejuvenation, participants will be guided by experienced ReiKi instructors. The day’s agenda includes self-healing, meditation, and practical ReiKi exercises.

ReiKi is more than just a technique; it embodies a way of life that harmonizes and balances the inner self, promoting a sense of profound serenity. This event offers a golden opportunity to expand one’s ReiKi knowledge, exchange healing energy, and leave with a deeper connection to this ancient practice.

Those who wish to enhance their ReiKi journey and experience the transformational force of ReiKi in the picturesque setting of Perugia are urged to seize this opportunity. However, with limited spaces available, early reservations are recommended.

at: 07:30 PM
09:30 PM
06029 Valfabbrica, Province of Perugia, Italy