San Costanzo - January 29th



Event: San Costanzo – January 29th

San Costanzo Celebration – Perugia’s Patron Saint

Date: Monday, January 29, 2024
Location: Basilica San Costanzo, Piazza IV Novembre and Corso Vannucci

On January 29, 2024, at Basilica San Costanzo, Perugia, honor the Patron Saint, San Costanzo. Discover the profound history of his martyrdom during Marcus Aurelius’s persecution, marked by miraculous escapes and unwavering faith.

San Costanzo’s journey, from enduring brutal flagellation to escaping a heated stove unharmed, showcases his resilience. Imprisonments, conversions, and eventual martyrdom near Foligno contribute to his revered legacy. His remains, brought to Perugia, are enshrined near the city, where the first cathedral stood. The current San Costanzo church, consecrated in 1205, stands as a testament to his enduring presence.

Revered as a city protector and believed to be Perugia’s first bishop, San Costanzo performed miracles, healing the blind and paralyzed. The celebration involves a unique tradition where unmarried girls seek marital insights through the saint’s image, a spectacle filled with cultural significance.

Don’t miss this cultural and historical event, a day of reverence and festivities. Save the date to celebrate the enduring legacy of San Costanzo in vibrant Perugia.

Basilica minore di San Costanzo, Via S. Costanzo, 5, 06126 Perugia PG, Italia