Any market of unique local products in Perugia?

Chocolate Store

Yes! There are a few markets in Perugia where you can find unique local products. In Perugia they are artisans by nature and you can find there products produced in Umbria, authentic of the region, as well as: local food products, artisanal crafts, fresh produce (as fruits, vegetables and herbs), local wines, antiques and collectibles (as vintage items).Some of the places supplied with these authentic products of the area are:

  • The Mercato delle Pulci (flea market): is held every Sunday morning in Piazza del Mercato Vecchio. Here you can find all sorts of secondhand goods, from clothes and furniture to antiques and collectibles.
  • The Mercato Contadino (farmers market) is held every Saturday morning in Piazza del Erbe. This is a great place to buy fresh, locally-grown produce, as well as other regional products such as cheese, wine, and olive oil.
  • The Mercato delle Gaite is a special market held every year in June during the Eurochocolate Festival. This market features stalls selling all sorts of chocolate-related products, from handmade truffles to chocolate-covered insects!
  • Eurochocolate Official Store: Sweet to the palate, here you can find souvenirs, candies and a great variety of chocolate. This store is located in Piazza IV Novembre.
  • Antica Fornace Deruta: Deruta is famous for its centuries-old tradition in the production of high-quality ceramics, such as hand-painted pottery and majolica. The town is dotted with pottery workshops and stores, many of which have been in operation for generations. Visitors to Deruta have the opportunity to explore these workshops and witness the intricate process of pottery making, from the shaping of the clay to the final hand-painted designs.
  • Wineries & Vineyards: In Perugia you can find a wide variety of wine houses where you can indulge your palate with authentic local wine. You can visit places like: Goretti, Vineria del Carmine, Cantina Brugnoni, Enoteca Beresapere, Zenoteca, Bottega del Vino and many more wine stores, just take a look at the wine houses on Google Maps to have an overview of the best places with authentic wine in Perugia.
  • Pasta: Umbria is home to many traditional pasta shapes, such as strozzapreti, pici, and lumache. You can find these pastas at many shops and restaurants in Perugia.

Take note of these places of interest to discover the authentic products and flavors of Perugia, so you can discover the unique things that this city has to offer. Don’t miss a visit to one of these places!