Curious where Perugia’s streets come alive with tempting street food?

area of Perugia is known for having street food

In the heart of Perugia, an emerging street food haven is transforming Corso Garibaldi into a culinary hotspot. Nestled along this bustling street, starting from the University for Foreigners and leading to the medieval city gate of Porta Sant’Angelo, lies a vibrant array of restaurants and takeaways. From the savory delights of Wang, China Town, Bella Shanghai (offering Chinese cuisine) to the local flavors at Dal MI’ Cocco, the Grecian treats of Sapore Greco, and the tempting Fuji Chicken takeaway with its crispy fried chicken – the options are diverse.

For those seeking a taste of Taiwan, Zin Zan serves Taiwanese delicacies (reservation only), while Niccherie offers delectable sandwiches on the go. To add a touch of fusion to your experience, Il Giardino beckons with its cocktail bar and eclectic cuisine.

This dynamic district is more than just a collection of eateries; it’s a year-round hub of culinary events. The Assogaribaldi association orchestrates various gatherings, with each establishment setting up tables along the street, creating an inviting space for people to savor global cuisines. Explore the world of flavors along Corso Garibaldi. If you are looking for more local flavors, take a look at the recommendations of restaurants that offer traditional Umbrian cuisine.