Are there seasonal events and festivals in Perugia?

Perugia Festival

The answer is yes! In Perugia there are both one-off events and sporadic events. From January to December it is possible to enjoy some seasonal events in this city in central Italy.

In January the St. Costanzo Festival is celebrated. This is the patron saint of the town. In a solemn procession, civic and religious leaders traverse the historic center, presenting some symbolic gifts to pay tribute to the patron saint: a laurel wreath, a candle, a torcolo (traditional cake), incense, and holy wine. 

Then, in February, like almost all over the world, the month of love is celebrated in Perugia. On this day chocolate specialists and lovers meet. During this time, it is particularly common to give chocolates, and what better way to offer it, with authentic Perugia chocolate.

Afterwards, Umbria is endowed with art and music; that is why, in summer, the Jazz Festival is held in Perugia. The first time this event happened was in 1973 and it takes place every year in July. It is one of the most important jazz festivals in Italy and features top international and Italian jazz musicians.

Also in summer or autumn the PERSO (Perugia Social Film Festival) is held. It was established in September 2016, this organization’s mission is to promote culture and social solidarity. PERSO is a festival where audiences and artists, both established directors and emerging talents, come together to share experiences. It is a festival that encourages dialogue on film, social issues, artistic exploration, outreach and entertainment.

Later, in summer or autumn, the Eurochocolate festival is celebrated. Normally, this event takes place in October. It is the largest chocolate festival in Europe and attracts over 2 million visitors. There are chocolate tastings, workshops, and demonstrations, as well as stalls selling all sorts of chocolate products.

In Perugia you cannot miss the celebration of one of the happiest times of the year: Perugia Christmas Market: This is a Christmas market that takes place every year in December. It is a traditional Christmas market with stalls selling Christmas ornaments, food, and drinks. Enjoy walks through the city and delight yourself with the Christmas tree and lights through the streets.

Make a note of these events in your diary if you wish to visit Perugia. We recommend you to buy tickets in advance, in the case of festivals with limited lots.