Which restaurants in Perugia are highly recommended?

La Bottega, Perugia

Perugia boasts a vibrant student population that often gravitates towards pizza and panini, a boon for those seeking quick bites or light fare. Among the plethora of affordable pizzerias, Mediterranea stands out at Piazza Piccinino 11. Pizzas here, priced between 6€ and 8€, draw crowds with their delectable flavors. Operating daily, Mediterranea opens its doors from Monday to Friday from noon to 2:30pm and 7pm to 11pm, while weekends feature evening hours of 7pm to 11pm.

When it comes to panini, a visit to La Bottega di Perugia is a must. Nestled at Piazza Francesco Morlacchi 4, this establishment prides itself on using locally sourced Umbrian hams, greens, and other ingredients. The dedication to quality translates into flavorsome panini that typically cost around 4€. What’s more, these delectable sandwiches can be accompanied by a choice of wine or beer. La Bottega di Perugia opens its doors from Monday to Saturday, ensuring a satisfying culinary experience from 10:30am to 12:30am.

For a more refined ambiance, Sandri emerges as a true gem. As Perugia’s oldest pasticceria, founded in 1860, it exudes elegance and heritage. Situated at Corso Vannucci 32, this esteemed establishment offers coffee, pastries, and light meals in an Art Deco setting. Its operational hours extend from Sunday to Thursday, 7:30am to 9pm, while Friday allows for an extended experience until 11pm, and Saturday offers the epitome of leisure until midnight.

When the sun sets, and a desire for sophisticated cocktails arises, Mercato Vianova awaits at Via Giuseppe Mazzini 15. This popular destination caters to those with an appreciation for stylish libations and a chic ambiance. Moreover, gelato enthusiasts are in for a treat at Lick, situated at Corso Cavour 40. Beyond traditional flavors, Lick serves up gelato that delights with unique combinations, such as gorgonzola cheese and basil with Prosecco. With its diverse culinary offerings, Perugia beckons you to savor a tapestry of flavors, ranging from casual to elegant, within its charming streets.