What are some past highlights or themes of the International Journalism Festival in Perugia?

highlights or themes of the International Journalism Festival in Perugia

1. Business Models and Innovation: Discussions on the evolving business models of news organizations, including the rise of hybrid newsrooms, reader revenue models, and diversification of revenue streams.

2. Press Freedom: Exploration of the challenges and importance of press freedom in the context of journalism and media.

3. Climate Coverage: Emphasis on the coverage of the climate crisis and its impact on journalism and media.

4. The Future of News: Insights into the future direction of news, including the use of technology such as AI in journalism and its implications for news reporting.

5. Investigative Journalism: Focus on the significance of investigative and data journalism, including the role of reporters on the ground in reporting on critical issues such as war crimes.

6. Social and Ethical Issues: Discussions on ethical considerations in journalism, including the portrayal and representation of marginalized communities and the importance of solidarity and support within the industry.

These themes reflect the diverse and critical topics covered at the International Journalism Festival, showcasing its role as a platform for discussing pressing issues and trends in the news industry. On the other hand, check out other seasonal events and festivals in Perugia.